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And so it is

just like you said it would be

just like you said it would be
13 June 1980

4am, add, alcohol, analyzing dreams, ani difranco, art, art history, autumn, avoiding reality, bad girls, beauty, being a five, being eclectic, being found, bipolar disorder, black and white photography, books, bright colors, btvs, california, camping, cities, clocks, coldplay, collarbones, connecting, cooking, counting crows, creative writing, criminology, depression fallout, digital photography, doctors, drawing, drunken incidents, dutch, edward hopper, elizabeth mitchell, english, er, fanfiction, firefly, flirting, freedom, friends, full moons, garbage, getting letters, girls, goldfish have no memory, good grammar, green olives, groningen, hands, handwriting analysis, handwritten letters, happiness, homosexuality, honesty, hypoglycemia, ikea, illness, imagery, imagination, independent film, insight, insomnia, intellect, intelligent conversations, irony, italian, italian food, italy, joni mitchell, jorja fox, joss whedon, kissing, kubanskaya, language, laughing, learning, learning people's backgrounds, lena headey, lesbians, life, literature, love, maggie doyle, medical ethics, memento, migraines, movies, museums, music, mythology, new locations, night, nostalgia, novels, observing, old stuff, one night fiction, orchids, people, people-watching, perfectionism, pesto, photography, pilates, pizza, politics, psychology, rain, reading, renate dorrestein, road trips, serenity, sexuality, short stories, social work, solitude, spinach, summer nights, support, swimming, talking in her sleep, television, the color red, the enneagram, the homosexual agenda, the open road, the sarah connor chronicles, the simpsons, the wachowski brothers, thunderstorms, tori amos, train stations, traveling, tree-fitty, truth, used book stores, used cd stores, utah, vegetarianism, walking in the city, wit, women, words, writing, ♀♀